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Masai Figurines

Masai History
The Masai or Maasai Tribe is one of the longest enduring semi-nomadic tribes in Africa. The Masai reside in Tanzania and in Kenya, tribe members speak Maa, their official language as well as the official languages of Kenya. The power with which they maintain their traditions is awe-inspiring. According to the 2009 census in Masai population in Kenya was 840,000 strong. Additionally, many Masai tribes welcome visitors eagerly into the tribes to experience the ways of the Masai. With such rich culture and openness, it is not surprising that Masai Figurines are popular collectibles.

Masai Figurines 
Masai figurines are collectibles dedicated to honoring the famous Masai tribe of Africa. The Masai Tribe wear colorful clothing and wraps, have age-old traditions , use body paint, adornments, and hairstyles to express themselves and are able to farm in barren desserts: The Masai are truly a group to be admired. Therefore, every Masai figurine from Los Elephants, Etc. is artfully made to capture the spirit of the strong Masai tribe and comes to us by the hands of only the best vendors in the collectible industry.

Popular Masai Figurines

Mother and Child Masai Figurines
If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Masai figurine or African art collector, or a gift that adequately captures the bond of a mother and her child then one of Los Elephants, Etc. Masai mother and child Figurines may be a great choice. The carved Mother and Child  Masai figurine is elegant and powerful, a perfect depiction of a mother. Mother and Child figurines are perfect for collectors, and Los Elephants carries several different varieties. These Mother and Child figurines display the devotion of a mother to her child purely and simply, the perfect gift for any mother.  

Masai Woman Figurines
The Masai people are well known for their decorative dress, that contains bright colors, patterns and elaborately beaded jewelry. Different colored beads have different meaning and these ornamentations along with body paint are used to convey status within the tribe. Los Elephants, Etc. is proud to provide collectors with a Masai Figurine that so accurately displays the color and jewelry worn by a Masai woman. 

Masai Family Figurines
The Masai tribe are an open and friendly people who are welcoming to visitors that may want to witness the ways of the Masai Tribes. The Masai Figurines of families are the great for collectors of African Art or perhaps those who have had the great privilege of visiting Africa. For those hoping to visit the African continent, displaying Masai figurines is a wonderful way to honor the culture of the Masai people as well as all the tribes of Africa.


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