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Bearington Bears,Elephant Statues, Afridcan Art Wood Elephants, Glass Elephants, Masai Figurines and Collectibles - Los Elephants, Etc.

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Home Decor

They say that home is where the heart is.  At Los Elephants, Etc. we believe that statement to be true.  That’s why we pride ourselves in offering a selection of home décor items sure to make any space feel a little more like home.  Our home décor selection includes collectibles, kitchen items and even a selection of fountains to bring the outdoors in to your home or office.  Our home décor selection combines a hand selected array of items with the quality you’d expect from Los Elephants, Etc.

Los Elephants, Etc is the perfect resource for all or your home décor needs. From figurines and fountains, to yard ornaments and bird houses, our selection of home décor accessories is second to none. We proudly offer kitchen items, lamps, candles, clocks and vases to make your rooms sparkle. Los Elephants, Etc. also takes home décor a step further by offering a hand picked selection of some of the most unique home décor pieces on the market today.

New to the Los Elephants, Etc. home décor offerings are a selection of one of a kind furniture pieces that are guaranteed to add personality to any room in your home. The beautiful glass vases, glass figurines, and glass tea sets available from Los Elephants, etc. also help make any home look as if it were professionally decorated. With art deco and contemporary pieces, and marbled and hand-painted options, there’s bound to be something for you at Los Elephants etc.


Looking to add the calming sounds of running water to your home or office? At Los Elephants, etc. We are proud to offer a wide selection of fountains perfect for home décor. The home décor fountains at Los Elephants, etc. are sure to bring the serene sounds of nature home for you. Choose from a wide variety of home décor mini fountains, bowl fountains, figurine fountains, forest fountains, and table top fountains. Los Elephants, etc. even carries a selection of home décor wall fountains.


Gardeners delight at the wonderful selection of yard art, yard ornaments, decorative rain gauges, garden planters, and decorative garden accessories available at Los Elephants, Etc. From “peek-a-boo” decorative frog tree décor to roman wall fountain planters, if you need ideas on how to add character to your garden, look no further than Los Elephants, Etc.


Our selection of home décor now includes a wide selection of lamps. Los elephant etc. has lamps in all sizes and colors. We offer home décor lamps in many materials as well. From home décor metal lamps, home décor table lamps, and holiday home décor lighted Christmas church lamps. If your home décor is more contemporary, we also carry hanging shade floor lamps, zebra striped lamps and even night light purse lamps perfect for a small space. If you are decorating a child's room, make sure to check out our fun themed home decor lamps as well.

Candles Holders

Candles have often been used in home décor to add a certain ambiance to a room. But who wants to deal with the mess left by spill-over wax? Now, with a decorative candle holder from Los Elephants, ETC, adding sent and the gentle glow of candles is easier than ever. Choose from large and small azure home décor candle holders, home décor elephant basket candleholders and even a friendly frog candleholder. Home décor with Los Elephants, etc is made simple.

Kitchen stuff

The heart of most homes, the kitchen is often the place where most conversation happens. That's why Los Elephants, etc . is happy to offer conversation pieces perfect for any kitchen. We have kitchen stuff to suite any taste! From whimsical frog figurines and frog teapots to sleek and sophisticated bricco and esimo solid white pitchers, decorative salt and paper shakers and even banana fiber animal napkin rings. And don't forget about decorative canisters and hanging pot holders. We even have gourmet outdoor BBQ sets for the grill master in your life. Home décor isn't home décor without Los Elephants kitchen stuff.

Birdhouses and Feeders

creating a sanctuary in your yard is easy with Los Elephants ect home décor birdhouses and birdfeeders. With wide variety of birdhouses and birdfeeders to choose from, bird watchers will have no trouble attracting plenty beautiful birds to their property. We have multiple bird village birdhouses, themed birdhouses and birdfeeders in a variety of shapes and sizes and whimsical birdhouses. And don't forget to pick up a home décor windchime, the perfect addition to a bird paradise.

Sioux Pottery

Native American art and Native American pottery add a bit of history to your home décor. At Los Elephants, etc., we carry a wide variety of beautiful Native American pottery. Our special collection, the Sioux Pottery home décor combine rich blue hues with the sandy white found in traditional Sioux Pottery pieces. You'll find a unique selection of shapes and sizes, perfect as a standalone accent piece; flower of dried plant vase, or as part of Sioux Pottery collection.

Bath Accessories

Looking to add elegance to your bathroom? Look no further than Los, Elephants etc. We offer a wide selection of bath accessories and décor, sure to make your bath a special and relaxing place. From his and her towel hangers, a perfect gift for a bridal shower, to a wide variety of mirrors, bathroom sets, to gorgeous white stand alone linen closest, you're sure to find the perfect bath accessory at Los Elephants, etc. We even offer exclusive bath sets – a perfect gift for a friend or yourself. With the Bath Accessories selection at Los Elephants, etc., any bathroom can be transformed to a personal spa.

Speranza Collection

Los Elephants, etc. is proud to offer the simply beautiful Speranza Collection. With pieces ranging from pitchers to bowls, the Speranza Collection brings the rich appeal of the Mediterranean home for a very affordable price. Hand made by skilled Italian potters, these detailed pieces will add appeal and conversation to any room in your home.


The beautiful glass vases, glass figurines, and glass tea sets available from Los Elephants, etc. make any home look as if it were professionally decorated. With art deco and contemporary pieces, and marbled and hand-painted options, there's bound to be something for you at Los Elephants etc. Enjoy a glass rose – perfect for a valentine's gift or a red mosaic glass bowl – an ideal gift for mother's day. We also offer Native American glass vases, African Art Glass vases and Italian hand-made glass vases and bowls from our Speranza Collection.

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