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Elephant Statues

Elephants can be found in exotic Asian jungles, barren African savanna, and even as giants of the stage in the circus. Give the gentle giant another place to call home by selecting one of the elephant statues by Los Elephants, Etc. to add to your collection add an eclectic flair into your home.

Elephant Symbolism 

Elephant statues have long since been used by Feng Shui experts to bring positive energy into the home. However the symbolism of the elephant goes far beyond Feng Shui, elephants are regarded as sign of wisdom, strength, peace wealth and prosperity by the Chinese people and in the Buddhist tradition, the elephant is a sacred animal that Buddha himself often rides. With all of the positive energy surrounding the folklore of the elephant, an elephant statue is the perfect addition to any home.

Elephant Statues

Feng Shui experts say to place an elephant statue at the entrance of the home to provide good luck and protection, but at Los Elephants, Etc. we believe elephants bring joy to every room. One of our best sellers, the custom circus elephant, allows the buyer to choose the color of their one of a kind elephant. This statue is over a foot in height and sure to bring a smile to your face every day
In addition to custom pieces, Los Elephants, Etc. has elephant collectables of all kinds. Los Elephants, etc has a variety of elephant statues crafted in glass, wood and metal, ensuring that anyone looking to find an elephant statue for their home or collection is sure to find the item they are looking for.
Our exotic elephant statue with a rustic faux finish is an excellent gift, and will fit seamlessly into any traditional decor. While the jubilance of the golden elephant is infectious, one can imagine this elephant trumpeting to a wild crowd under the big top. Both elephant statues are ideal for collectors and elephant enthusiasts. 


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