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Bearington Bears,Elephant Statues, Afridcan Art Wood Elephants, Glass Elephants, Masai Figurines and Collectibles - Los Elephants, Etc.

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Bearington Bears

One of the world's favorite bear collectibles, Bearington © Bears are sure to be a gift they will treasure forever. Whether you're a bear collector looking to add a Belinda Bloom Bearington © Bear or a novice looking for your first unique collectible bear, you'll find what you're looking for at Bearington© Bears at Los Elephants, ETC. We offer collectable ducks, collectible rabbits, collectible poodles, collectible frogs and collectible bears – all with the Bearington© Bear seal of approval. Choose from Landin Lucky Bug, Pokey the Turtle or Flora and Flutterfly and see why Bearington© Bears have been the number one teddy bear collectable for over 12 years.

For bear collectors around the world, Bearington © Bears are one of the most popular collectables around.  Plush coats and signature accessories give each Bearington© Bear a unique and distinctive personality.  A favorite in any bear collection, Bearington© Bears from the Bearington ©Collection are a great gift idea for any bear collector in your life.

At Los Elephants, Etc., we carry a wide a wide variety of Bearington© Bears and Bearington © figurines.  From the cute and cuddly Landin Luckybug Bearington ©Bear to the Miss You Beary Much Bearington ©Bear; Los Elephants, Etc. has the quality selection of Bearington© Bears you’re looking for.

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