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Collectibles, Greek Collectibles, Home Decor, Yard Ornaments, Bearington Bears, and Glass Elephants at Los Elephants, Etc.

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Art & Collectibles

Los Elephants, Etc. offers the largest selection of custom collectibles around. From miniature collectibles and glass elephant collectibles to unique African Art and Native American Art; any item you need to round out your special collection can be found here. We offer a wide selection of collectibles with nearly every category under the sun and will offer multiple options for nearly each collectible item we carry – that’s the Los Elephants, Etc. difference.

Hand selected and brought to you by some of the worlds most respected vendors, our collectibles are made with top quality materials and we guarantee your satisfaction. As one of the largest collectible retailers, Los Elephants, Etc. is able to offer all of the popular collectible items like elephant and frog collectibles, Masai African Art collectibles the ever popular Bearington® Bear collectibles.

We also offer an unparalleled selection of other collectible items like horse collectibles, dolls, jungle animals, dolphins and other figurines. We’ve scoured the globe to find the most unique pieces for your collection. Still not finding the collectible you’re dreaming of? Contact Us today and we’ll try to find the collectible for you.

More about our most popular collectibles

African Art and Masai Tribe Collectibles
Los Elephants, Etc. is an excellent resource for any collector of African Art. Vases, wall décor, and African Art-inspired figurines are all available to the tribal collector at affordable prices. Los Elephants, Etc. also has a variety of Masai Figurines, The Masai Tribe of Tanzania and Kenya is famous for its unique culture, customs and history. Masai figurines allow the African Art collector to honor the traditions of this tribe in their own home.

African Art décor is not simply for African Art collectors, the exquisite wall hangings that gracefully depict the African people, decorative tribal vases, and elegant figurines available at Los Elephants, Etc. add an eclectic flair into any home’s décor.

Elephant Collectibles
Los Elephants Etc. is committed to helping people appreciate elephants so that they may have that special elephant collectible keepsake. Los Elephants, Etc. has elephant collectibles of all kinds for the serious collector or someone looking for a way to incorporate the spirit of the elephant into their homes. 

We carry a wide selection of wood, and glass elephant collectibles and even offer elephant statues suitable for outdoor use.  If you're an elephant figurine collector, you've come to the right place!

Horse Collectibles & Figurines
Horse lovers and horse collectors will delight at the selection of horse statues and horse figurines available at Los Elephants, Etc. Our bronze horse statues and bronze horse figurines are the perfect present for the horse collector in your life. We also carry horse musical carousels and horse lamps, a great addition to any home office or study.

We carry a wide array of porcelain dolls, all adorned with unique clothing to represent their own wonderful themes.  Ladies will love these unique porcelain doll collectibles in a variety of personalities. From the porcelain blue bonnet Victorian doll to the porcelain fairy doll, those looking to get the best in Victorian dolls and porcelain dolls look to Los Elephants, Etc.

Doll lovers celebrating a special time will love our porcelain communion doll or our porcelain Christmas doll. Porcelain dolls make great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and are keepsakes that will be valuable collectibles to that doll lover in your family.

Jungle Animals
Jungle and animal inspired figurines have long been a staple in collectables. At Los Elephants, Etc. we are happy to offer a large collection of African Art and popular jungle animal collectibles.

From an animal print lion statue to animal napkin rings, you'll find the perfect  jungle animal print piece for the collector in your life. We even have African Art Wildlife animal chess sets for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Dolphin Collectibles
Dolphins are one of the most popular themes for bathroom decoration. Los Elephants, Etc. offers dolphin figurines, dolphin mirrors and even dolphin bathroom sets for the dolphin collector. Even if you can't make it to the ocean, dolphin figurines and dolphin collectables are closer than you think at Los Elephants, Etc.

Patchwork Collectibles
Patchwork collectibles are unique pieces of African Art memorabilia that combine different materials and textures to create one-of-a-kind collectible pieces.

Check out our  collection of African Art tribal vases, patchwork animal print lion figurines and even a patchwork elephant family statue. 


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