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Collectibles, Greek Collectibles, Home Decor, Yard Ornaments, Bearington Bears, and Glass Elephants at Los Elephants, Etc.

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About the Founders


Los Elephants, Etc. was founded by Bill Richardson. Bill is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He also holds masters degrees from Mercer University and the University of South Carolina respectively. In addition, he is a Vietnam veteran of the U.S. Army and Air Force. He has an extensive background in business and personnel management, and is passionate about his love for God and his fellow man.     


Los Elephants, Etc. was originally founded as Les Elephants in 1983 at Shaw AFB, Sumter, SC. by ceramist Bill Richardson, whose wife was an officer stationed at the air force base at that time. Bill has a definite talent for developing uniquely beautiful ceramic and porcelain pieces, which he himself had learned while serving at a remote military base in North Dakota. One of his passions was the creation of custom made elephant figurines. The story has it that a friend, while visiting the Richardson household, saw a stunningly beautiful elephant and asked where Mrs. Richardson had bought it. When told that her husband had made it for her, the friend replied, "I've got to have one!"  She received her elephant, which was made to her specifications and color. Word spread and soon Bill was creating and selling his elephants up and down the east coast. 

In 1999 a legal snafu caused a name change from its French origin to a combination of Spanish and English.  It was during this period that the company began to venture into other aspects of the gift and home decor marketplace.  While still offering the custom made pieces of its founder, Los Elephants, Etc. began to develop business relationships with some of the top suppliers and vendors in the business. 

The result has been the development of a constantly expanding direct sales and ecommerce company that offers an extensive variety of gifts and home decor products at no-bidding, competitive, and extremely reasonable prices.

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